Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thank You, Gracias!

  • To everyone who came out to see us this year, your support and energy is what makes this all worth while!
  • To each of the business owners and partners who invited us to play at their establishment
  • To each Parranda Venezuela member: Douglas, Dulce, Edgar, Enrique, Felix, Hannah, Heiddy, Jorge, Julio, Paola, Puccio, Ricardo, Rino, Luis, Luisa, Maria Conchita, Marianna, Marianita, Nayi, Sandra, and Sofia
  • To Carlos and Aaron for joining in when we needed you most

Check back soon to learn more about individual parranderos. I will be profiling each one during the year. I will also let you know where and when we play next. We will have a few scattered events during the year so please check back often!